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Renewal of Vows

When you love somebody, that love is unconditional, there are no demands, no reasons why, no answers.  It just feels right! 

The Renewal of Vows celebrates and re-affirms your respect, love and commitment to one another, your journey together and aspirations and dreams for your future life together.

You may have reached a special wedding anniversary or overcome a particularly difficult period in your lives and wish to celebrate the occasion.  A Renewal of Vows is the perfect way to share your unique story with the ones you love!

Perhaps the venue you choose has unique significance and meaning to you both.  Music could be included in your ceremony, or readings, poems or even a symbolic gesture.  You may wish to choose something completely different to your original Wedding Day or perhaps you would love to include elements that you had before.

The Travelling Celebrants are here to guide, plan and support you for this joyful occasion!

Renewal of Vows: Event Services
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